Easy Mortgage Calculator

March 16th, 2009 | Tags: ,

This is a mortgage payment calculator that I created because I was unsatisfied with the ones I have found elsewhere, which were slow and plain—why do an entire round-trip to the server for a simple calculation that can be done with javascript? With that in mind I developed the site using jQuery

This is my first venture. My initial investment in it is $1.19 for the domain registration and a weekend to create the site. I’ll likely put a bit more time into it, but no more money for the rest of the year.

Please visit http://www.easymortgagecalculator.info/ and let me know what you think. How could I improve the usability or the design?

Note: This is currently only tested in FF3. I will complete testing and solve any compatibility issues for IE6, IE7, Safari, and Chrome by the end of the week.

Screenshot of Easy Mortgage Calculator

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    Update: After 18 months of going live, the page currently makes enough to pay for itself (but not much more–yet!)