How to enable Umbraco directory URLs without needing a wildcard mapping in IIS

November 24th, 2006 | Tags: ,

If for some reason you cannot create an wildcard mapping to in IIS, but would still like to have directory URLs in Umbraco there is another way. You can use ISAPI_rewrite (or a similiar tool) to rewrite requests to an extension that is handled by Here are the ISAPI_rewrite rules I use to accomplish this for

RewriteRule /data/.* / [F,I,O]
RewriteRule /(umbraco|reports).* $& [L]
RewriteRule / $& [L]
RewriteRule ([^.?]*)(\?.+)? $1.aspx$2

The first rule blocks access to the contents of the data directory.

The second rule bypasses umbraco handling for certain paths; this should be the same as umbracoReservedUrls and umbracoReservedPaths in your web.config.

The third rule makes root access work, otherwise requests made to ‘/’ would be rewritten to ‘/.aspx’.

Now that all of the non-standard cases have been handled, the fourth rule takes all requests to directories (no file extension) and rewrites them with an aspx file extension so they will be handled by

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