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Update: March 24th, 2009

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The first thing you need for your new blog is a domain name and a place to host it on the internet. For this purpose, I recommend signing up for Parcom’s Economy Plus hosting account. The Economy Plus plan has everything you need to host your WordPress blog, including plenty of disk space, PHP, a MySQL database, and email service for your entire domain. All this for only $4.95 per month, although if you pay annually you’ll get two months free plus a free domain name registration. That’s right, you can get a domain name, a blog, and email service for only $50 a year.

That’s a bit less expensive than GoDaddy’s Economy Plan and comparable to other hosts, so why would you go with Parcom instead of a more recognizable name like GoDaddy?

It’s what’s under the hood—the “intangibles”. The triple redundant power grids, triple redundant UPS, and triple redundant diesel generators. The fact that Parcom is located in one of the largest carrier hotels on the west coast and is directly connected to an internet backbone through hundreds of network peering agreements. What this all means is unsurpassed network speed, redundancy, and reliability.

Couple that with responsive, personalized customer service (you can communicate directly with Parcom’s owner, “Crazy Dave”, in the support forums) and you have the best hosting “deal” available on the internet.

Let’s get started:

  1. parcom Browse to Parcom and click the “About Parcom” link at the top to read additional details about the “intangibles” I mentioned earlier. Then come back to the home page and click the “more” link in the Shared Hosting box.
  2. parcom-shared1 Take a look at the Shared Web Hosting Services page and then click on the “Comparison Chart” link for a comprehensive list of features.
  3. parcom-shared2 On the Detailed Comparison Chart page, take a look at the features, but pay close attention to the Parcom Exclusive Features section. Once you are satisfied that Parcom is the best host on the internet, click the Buy Now link and sign-up for the Economy Plus (or higher) hosting account. After you have completed signing up for your new hosting account continue to the next step.
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