Create a MySQL 5 Database

Update: March 21st, 2009

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WordPress also needs a place to store all of your blog posts. So, the next step is to create a MySQL 5 database to hold all of the data:

  1. parcom-domain-db On the Domain Menu page, click the Database Manager icon.
  2. parcom-db-list On the Databases page, click the Add New button.
  3. parcom-db-add On the Add Database page, select MySQL 5 as the Database Type, enter in a Database Name, and then click the Save button. Note: for the database name, a good choice is your domain name. Do not use a generic name like “wordpress” or “myblog”.
  4. parcom-db-update On the Update Database page, note the server name—you will need this later to configure WordPress. Then, in the Database Users section, click the Add New button.
  5. parcom-db-adduser On the Add Database User page, enter in a username and password. Remember what you enter here because you will need it later on as well. Now click the Save button.
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