How to Install WordPress onto Shared Hosting

Update: March 24th, 2009

This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing WordPress onto a shared hosting account. Each section is broken down into simple, easy to follow steps. Each step has a screen shot to server as a visual reference and point out the pertinent details.

If you do not already have a hosting account, I recommend signing up with Parcom because they provide reliable, fast, and secure hosting at an affordable price. All of the control panel screens hosts in this tutorial are from their control panel. If you already have a hosting account and are satisfied with it, skip the first step.

Next: Sign-up for a Hosting Account

  1. Sign-up for a Hosting Account
  2. Configure the Web Site to use PHP 5
  3. Create a MySQL 5 Database
  4. Download and Upload
  5. Connect WordPress to Your Database
  6. Install WordPress
  7. Create Your User Account and Start Blogging
  1. April 24th, 2009 at 12:45
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    Thanks for this info. I came across it googling and know several clients who use Parcom. A question for you. We installed WordPress on Parcom for a client, and wanted to use the cformII plugin. We have not been able to get it to work with Parcom, as it has worked with every other server. Have been communicating with their support, and they are unfamiliar with the plugin so haven’t been able to help. Do you know a good contact form plugin for wordpress that would work on Parcom?

  2. April 29th, 2009 at 19:12
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    I havent tried to put a contact form on a WordPress blog yet, but it is one of the things I wanted to get to. Unfortunately, I cant promise a timeframe I’d be able to get to it, but if I get it working I will put up a tutorial here.

  3. August 25th, 2009 at 18:54
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    Thank you SO MUCH for this WordPress install tutorial with Parcom!!! It worked like a charm and I’m off and running. I really appreciate your generosity. Best.