January 27, 2023

A common mistake is to use a query and then use IN ?. This mistake causes an error when processing the query.

Microsoft did something to fix some bugs in their query caching engine. It is causing an error with the IN ? query on some systems. We will see how this can be fixed.

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This error is caused by using “IN” parameters for Doctrine query caching.

When using Doctrine Query, a query is created with the maximum number of parameters. Caching is used to reduce the number of records returned, but in some cases this cache gets out of control and causes “Invalid parameter number” errors.

We should not use Doctrine Query caching for any queries that don’t require more than around 100 parameters.

Possible reasons:

The Doctrine query cache provides a mechanism for smart queries. But it can also cause some problems when the query is optimized for very short and simple queries. The problem occurs when the query depends on one of the following tags, which are optional:

From that website it is possible to see that there are some methods available to solve this problem:

PMI method 1, PMI method 2, PMI Method 3 and PMI Method 4

The first two methods maintain the cache in memory and rely on a faster disk drive to provide fast accesses to the cache file. These may be suitable depending on your needs if you predominantly use SQL server and dynamic updates in.

In this article, we explain the problem that you may encounter while running a Doctrine query that is using “IN ?” in the parameter list.

Doctrine is a popular database management system. It’s good for building web sites and databases, but it also can be used to build applications like CRUD applications with SQL queries. The underlying engine that powers Doctrine is based on the Microsoft SQL Server and one of its most important features is the ability to use the same database for both server-side and client-side applications.

Even though the function to calculate a Doctrine query requires that there is no need for memory, the built-in function does not work well in cases where the number of parameters exceeds a certain limit.

Doctrine is a widely used ORM framework but it can cause issues when writing queries. This is because the queries are generated using a predefined SQL statement.

Something I noticed after reading “Invalid parameter number” error:

I tried making different databases, different ORM versions and different code bases – everything still resulted in this issue. So I was wondering what about the database that would make it possible for me to get rid of this issue?